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The weekly newspaper Ilustrovana politika, September 2014


„Balkan or Yugoslavia“


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Magazine Pravda 06/19/2014


A kiss for sorceress .. “His painting sorceress I known since childhood, and the first time I saw this painting live-on. I admit that I hugged and kissed the painting ..

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Journal Brejk, May 2014


“Critics consider him to be among the world’s most original painters of naive art ..“


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Journal Srpska reč, November-December 2014


The exhibition “Three hearts- you can see well only with the heart ” at the Days of Serbian Culture in Prague “

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Magazine Ona, 2010


Father’s footsteps .. “I was 12 or 13 years old when my father said in an interview that he would be the happiest if his daughter continued to paint”

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The magazine “Blic žena” – column family diary


Painting naive with the heart … “From the early age I was surrounded by artists – talking Nataša with a smile “

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Magazine Bazar, April 2004

For children from Kosovo we have the lodestar … Interview regarding the charity exhibition for children from Kosovo in the gallery “Helena”

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The newspaper “Pančevac” interview with Jan Knjazovic, 20.04.1963.


” I have a daughter who has recently asked me to let her painting with oil … I wish she’d loved the painting so much as I do “

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Magazine “Politika” – Blue nights over Kovačica

Magazin Politika str 1.



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Daily newspaper “Politika”, 2005,

Politika 2005.

On the occasion of the exhibition at the club Vuk’s Foundation in Belgrade.


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